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Growth hackers talk about how to make your app go viral
Sometimes, things go viral: The Dress, the llamas, the Ice Bucket Challenge, the How Old Do I Look? app, and so on. One can't fault companies for trying to figure out how to go viral and gain huge exposure. But many marketers don't quite understand how …
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How to build an SEO strategy for your business
Are you looking to learn how to optimize and rank your website through SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Don't know where to start? This quick guide will help you get started quickly, easily, and with a long term plan that will work for any type of …
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How to Pick the Best Business Partner for You
Having the perfect business partner can help you take your business to another level even faster than you could take it on your own. Not only will you have someone to bounce ideas off of, but you can also have someone whose skill sets complement your …
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Can These Tiny Robots Teach Fourth Graders How To Code?
The fist-sized, brightly colored bot looks simple enough: It has two wheels, two antennae, and what appears to be a friendly face. But it has a mission much bigger and more ambitious than its tiny form factor: This thing wants to teach kids how to …
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How to Know Truth

How to Know Truth
It has to do with your feelings and your heart. Our feelings come from two different places. There are wounded feelings and core feelings. We feel our wounded feelings when we are operating from false beliefs. Our feelings of anxiety, stress …
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How To… Make A Flower Crown!
So, whether you're heading off to Latitude this weekend, saving up your energy for Secret Garden party in a fortnight, or simply want to feel like a princess while watching the new series of True Detective, we asked professional flower fairies, Rose …
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How to handle a design critique
I was more interested in design and Web, but a decade ago most universities chucked those into their fine art program, not knowing where else to put them. Imagine my horror when I spent the first couple of years completing simple, IRL works of art …
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How to Manage a Team of B Players – HBR

How to Manage a Team of B Players – HBR
In 2004, Greece surprised the world by winning the European Championship, the toughest tournament in international soccer. Despite not even being a dark horse in the competition, and with a team of mostly peripheral and unremarkable players, they …
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How to report bugs in the iOS 9 beta – CNET
As soon as you notice an issue, press the home and power buttons at the same time to capture the screen if your iOS device. If possible, go back and repeat any steps you took to replicate the issue — taking screenshots along the way. You may have …
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How to Fire a Family Member in a Family-Run Business – Entrepreneur
Those who've gone through the process can speak to the short- and long-term effects it's had on their family and business. It is an incredibly complicated situation. I know this not only from writing about it but from my own first-hand experience. At …
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How to set up Apple Pay

How to set up Apple Pay
Apple Pay has launched in the UK, allowing iPhone and Apple Watch owners to use their devices to contactlessly pay for products and services, as well as travel on Transport for London's (TfL) Tube, bus and rail network. Here's how to set up the new …

Why We Miss Deadlines, and How to Stop
Parkinson's law is an adage that says “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” Or, in other words, a task will take up as much time as you allow for it. This is why we're sometimes amazed at how much we can get done in short …
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Step aside, barista: how to make a decent cup of coffee at home
Nolan Hirte, owner of inner-city Melbourne cafes Proud Mary, Stagger Lees and Aunty Peg's, admits not everyone wants to do all that, but if people knew how easy it was to make it properly at home, “your coffee would be so much better.” In his most …
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How to Beat HIV

How to Beat HIV
The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington, D.C.. These are today's best ideas. 1. How to beat HIV. By Erika Check Hayden in Nature. 2. The Pentagon wants to remake our military to be more like the Special …
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How to stop procrastinating forever
“I struggle at the end of a long day to get myself to the gym even though I know I should go,” she told the Freakonomics Radio Podcast. “And at the end of a long day I also struggle with the desire to watch my favourite TV shows instead of getting work …

Experts Stress Importance of Knowing How to Swim
Time Warner Cable talked to swim instructors at Swim MAC and the Dowd YMCA and they said learning how to swim as an adult can be challenging. “The biggest challenge with adults is that they do have an underlying fear, which is what children don't have.
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Piedmont, Montclair police logs: 21 auto burglaries reported in Oakland hills

Piedmont, Montclair police logs: 21 auto burglaries reported in Oakland hills
The theft of a silver 1999 Acura TL was reported. 5:09 p.m. — Oakland. Piedmont police helped Oakland police investigate a reported carjacking near the Piedmont border. tuesday, june 23. 5:04 p.m. — Highland Avenue. Identity theft was reported.
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Test Drive: 2015 Acura TLX
For those still unaware, Acura is the luxury name plate of parent Honda and competes directly with all other luxury vehicles worldwide. TLX, meanwhile, replaces the former TSX and TL models and does a great job in doing so. Built in Marysville, Ohio …
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Acura’s MDX not quite the crowd-pleasing SUV

Acura's MDX not quite the crowd-pleasing SUV
When I hear that an Acura product is heading my way for evaluation, there are a few words that pop into my head. High quality, advanced technology and comfort are just a few ways to describe Acura in my mind. You know exactly what you are going to get …

Acura MDX: le triomphe de l'homogénéité
Conçue sur une architecture toute neuve, la MDX est enveloppée aujourd'hui d'une carrosserie moins intimidante que la précédente. Plus étroite, cette Acura est aussi plus légère d'une centaine de kilos. Cela est dû en grande partie à l'utilisation …

Acura MDX del 2016: prueba de manejo
El Acura MDX tiene capacidad para siete. Las características estándar incluyen ruedas de 18 pulgadas, faros automáticos LED, espejos con calefacción, puerta trasera eléctrica, un techo solar, tapicería de cuero, tri-zona de control de clima automático …
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